Finite Elements

Altair HyperXtrude Metal (Altair).

Curso de Patran Nastran / Patran Nastran Course: composite laminates, design of aeronautical sandwich panels, modal design, bucking analysis, 2D/3D meshing and rivets (UMA).

Finite Volumes

Computational Fluid Dynamics Fundamentals Course (Udemy)



Curso Matlab/Simulink en ingeniería: aplicacióna la energía eólica / Matlab/Simulink in engineering: application to wind energy (UMA). 



Modelación de Ríos con HEC-RAS y HEC-GeoRAS: régimen permanente 1D / River Modeling with HEC-RAS and HEC-GeoRAS: 1D steady flow (UGR).

Cálculo de Caudales de Avenida con HEC-HMS y GeoHMS / Flood flow calculus with HEC-HMS and GeoHMS (UGR). 


► Archimate Step 1 (ATE Enterprises)

Coursera Scalable Machine Learning on Big Data using Apache Spark (IBM-Coursera)
Computational Investing, Part I (Georgia Institute of Technology-Coursera)

Channeling and Gas Distribution Site Manager Accreditation (SEDIGAS)

Basic risk prevention course (Abanico de Soluciones Empresariales en Seguridad)

 Getting Started with Linux Systems Administration (Pluralsight)